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Yield pursuant to Legislative Decree n ° 196/03 and following mod. as well as the EU Regulation No. 679/2016 (GDPR)

1. Data Controller
The Data Controller is Weby S.r.l. with headquarters in Viale Giulio Cesare 47, 00192 Roma, VAT number n ° 02153450560 (e-mail: - PEC:

1.1 Data Processor
The Data Processor is Shopify International Ltd. with headquarters at Intertrust Ireland, 2nd Floor 1–2 Victoria Buildings, Haddington Road, Dublin 4, D04 XN32, Ireland, Tel. +1 571 409 6451, email:

2. Information and detailed information on the processing of personal data (Privacy Policy)
In addition to this information on the cookies on this site, you can find any information on the processing of personal data, on your rights and their protection, on how it is exercised by them and on anything else at .

2.1 Cookies and browsing data
What are and what are "Cookies" for: Cookies are information (small text strings) entered on your browser when a website is visited. They perform various important functions within the network (performing computer authentication, monitoring sessions, storing information on specific configurations regarding users accessing the server, storing preferences, etc.). While browsing, the user may also receive cookies from different sites on his terminal (so-called "third party" cookies), set directly by the managers of said websites and used for the purposes and according to the methods defined by them.
There are two macro-categories of cookies:
1) The so-called technical cookies, for the installation of technical cookies (navigation / session; "analytics" and functionality), the user's consent is required and the disclosure obligation in the case of third parties (e.g. Google Analytics).
2) The so-called profiling / advertising cookies, aimed at creating user profiles and are used in order to send targeted advertising messages, in line with the preferences expressed by the same in the context of navigation.

3. Type of cookies used by this site
The site uses technical, analytical and profiling cookies, both first-party and third-party (e.g. Shopify, Facebook, Instagram, etc.) for the use of which, in accordance with the regulations in force in subject to the protection of personal data referred to above, your consent is required, through your active intervention to overcome the banner, to be expressed on your first access to any page of this website. Cookies are defined as first-party when they are installed directly by the manager (editor) of the site you are visiting; instead, third-party cookies are those installed on his terminal by a person other than the manager (publisher) of the site that the user is visiting.
Technical cookies are essential to navigate the site using all its features, such as the creation of your shopping cart or access to restricted areas (e.g. the area reserved for operators): without use in the site of these cookies it would not be possible to provide the services you requested or requested by the interested parties. These cookies do not collect information to be used for commercial purposes.
Analytical cookies are those used for example to optimize traffic on the site, allow the collection of statistical data, track and examine the use of the applications proposed on the site itself. This category of cookies includes, for example, those relating to the statistics of the use of the cart or those relating to the location. The User can decide at any time not to use these cookies in the manner indicated below in this statement.
Profiling cookies are instead used to analyze the User's behavior in relation to advertisements, products and services offered. This category of cookies also includes those related to the buttons and widgets of the social networks on the site (Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook); also for this type of cookie it is possible to decide at any time not to use them, as explained in detail below.

3.1 Third party cookies and social media widgets uses cookies and widgets from the most popular social networks (Twitter, Facebook and Instagram) through the possibility, for its part, of using the so-called Social Media Buttons, thus providing you with the opportunity to share data with the sites of these social media and to connect your account to the respective site through the so-called like or share of the page.
We inform you in this regard that you have the right to control the personal data used by the Social through the privacy settings available in the social media in question, reminding you that the use of plug-ins or other technologies by third parties is in its sole discretion, connecting or less with that specific social platform. Also in this case, we inform you that it is possible to disable these third-party cookies, as also explained in detail below, specifying that, if you want to prevent monitoring by social media widgets, you will need to exit / logout from all social networks that you are logged in to before visiting our website.
Finally, we remind you that the buttons that allow the user to express their appreciation (Like) and sharing (Share) of the contents, in any case entail the release of social profiling cookies to which the button refers; instead, no information is shared independently by this site, in which the widget is incorporated.

4. Purpose of the treatment of cookies and legal basis of the treatment
Weby S.r.l. could use the cookies collected through this site for technical reasons, i.e. to improve the browsing experience of the user, whose legal basis is the legitimate interest of the Owner and, subject to the release of his consent, for analytical and commercial purposes, the whose legal basis is the consent of the interested parties, in order to make the knowledge of the products marketed by Weby Srl easier and more targeted, both through this website and through commercial communications sent by e-mail or through traditional contact methods (SMS, MMS, operator or automated calls, etc.).
In detail, this site uses the following cookies:

As for analytical cookies, the information related to them can be found at the following addresses:
As for the additional cookies used by Google, the information can be found at the following address:
As for cookies relating to third party platforms such as, and, without prejudice to the above, they are profiling / advertising cookies and, as such, collect information about the user used for commercial, profiling purposes and advertising.
With regard to profiling cookies, the information related to them can be found at the following addresses:
As for the duration of all cookies, please refer to the information that may be made available by the service provider at and by their respective owners at the addresses indicated above.
To learn more about cookies and how to manage or disable third party cookies, the interested party can visit the following websites: